Frequently Asked Questions

Why Engineered Timber Flooring?
An engineered floor is a floor board made of multiple pieces of timber. Up to 12 cut layers of hardwood timber which are placed press adhesive fixed in different directions. It creates a stronger and more stable wood floor. When compared to solid timber floorboards, it is tough to detect the difference. However, the superior engineered wide board flooring eliminates “cupping” and warping, problems that can occur in solid timber flooring, especially in wider widths. Engineered timber flooring technology has developed significantly over the past 25 years and has
dramatically improved the quality of flooring products in that time.
Are oak floors suitable for bathrooms or laundries?
We do not recommend laying oak floorboards in bathrooms or laundries due to high risk of spillage.
Should I be installing the Floating Floors or the glue down floors?

Wild river timber recommends to direct stick all products.

The shape of the sub-floor is usually the deciding factor. If the sub-floor is in a bad condition with many cracks, old vinyl tiles or sheet vinyl, grimy or dirty the use of floating floors would be recommended.The use of a floating floor over weak sub-floors avoids the need to prepare costly sub-floors as long as the floor is reasonably level. Also, if there is any risk of moisture migration from a concrete slab than a floating floor correctly installed with a moisture barrier is also recommended.

The glue down oak floors can be used over any sub-floors (wood or concrete) which are dry, clean and free of dirt, grease, wax or anything that would hinder a good bond and where cracks have been filled.

A floating floor is one that is not attached to the substrate. Each plank is secured to those adjoining so that the floor system functions as a single unit instead of as a series of individual pieces. It means that visible signs of expansion and shrinking, standard to any wood product, are severely reduced.

Does oak flooring promote a healthy indoor environment?

Yes! Bacteria, dust and dirt, do not embed themselves in oak flooring as they do in other flooring options especially carpets. Simple regular maintenance, such as dust mopping, sweeping or vacuuming keeps oak floors sanitary. (Refer to WRT care & maintenance)

What’s the difference between an oil finished floor & a lacquer finished floor?
With so many different floor coating processes, understanding their differences can be overwhelming. To make things simple, floor coatings can be broken down into two groups: lacquers and varnishes that add a protective film on top of the timber and waxes and oils that saturate the timber’s natural, microscopic gaps leaving no room for dirt or other contaminants.

For you, the real difference is in how the floor feels. Because lacquer sits on top of the timber, your floor will feel completely smooth underfoot. Floors coated with oil let you feel the timber it protects.

Can I install the timber outside?

The product can be installed anywhere, however, it will only be warrantied inside the house (not in wet areas).

Can I sand it?

This is possible, however, the reason for sanding a floor is to bring the product back to its original condition. By doing so, this will potentially remove any colouring within the product. As this is an oiled floor, there is no need to sand the floor, but rather an oil and buff when necessary.

Is oak flooring suitable for a kitchen?

Yes, it is very comfortable to stand on oak flooring and is easy to maintain. Place area rugs or mats in front of the kitchen appliances and sink to protect your oak floor from a lot of traffic, water spillages, dropping food, grease, and everything else that can cause premature wear of your kitchen floor. Do not drag furniture across the floor. Use felt pads on chair and furniture legs. Avoid moisture on the

For maintenance, we recommend regular sweeping and damp mopping as dirt and grit can act as sandpaper and damage your finish.

Once a year or more frequently if there is a lot of traffic and the floor starts to show some signs of wear, you will want to refurbish your oak floor.

It will reinforce the protective layer and will restore the original appearance.

Is oak flooring affected by changes in moisture and temperature?

Just like other wood products, oak floorboard is subject to the phenomenon of expansion and shrinking in response to climactic changes. Extreme environmental conditions, meaning exposure to extreme heat, moisture or dryness (more than 65%, less than 35% R.H) can cause boards to shrink. When humidity levels are higher, oak flooring can expand. With proper acclimation, installation, and maintenance, expansion and shrinkage of your oak floor will be less noticeable.

Will my pets damage my oak floor?

You are the best judge of your pet’s behavior. You know what the habits, activities, and potentially destructive actions of your pet better than anyone else. Oak floors are coated with a finish that could be scratched by the claws of cats and dogs running on the floor. Because our products are matt-finished, the surface scratches will much less apparent than higher gloss hardwood floor. Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed will help keep your floors looking beautiful.

Will my oak floor fade in the light?
Yes, exposure to UV light as well as sunlight will cause colour variations to oak. It is considered normal and not a manufacturing defect.

Area rugs and large furniture will block light exposure and cause uneven coloration. In ensuring the minimisation of floor furnishings, floor coverings should be moved periodically. Covering large exposed windows will help as well.

Does the floor need to be oiled?

Although the flooring comes pre-oiled out of the factory it is still our recommendation that a coat of oil is applied once your floor is laid. This helps to seal the floor and protects it from things such as moisture and general wear and tear.
Wood oils can be applied both directly to bare wood and timber, as well as over the top of wood stains. It is a decorative wood finish that also has protective qualities. With a pleasantly contrasting sheen over the wood grain, it brings out the natural character of the wood.

Can I use a steam mop?

We highly recommend that you do not use a steam mop. Only use a foam mop and definitely do not use any microfiber products as they will attempt to draw oil out of your floor.

Is there a warranty?

All Wild River Timber products carry a 25 year structural warranty for the original purchaser and only if the floor has been installed by a professional timber flooring installer.

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