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Products, Wild River Timber Floors,Classic Range, Endeavour Range, Herringbone

Wild River Timber Flooring offer beautiful, elegant and in style floors. We have three ranges to choose from, Classic, Endeavour and our Herringbone Range.
The Classic Range
This range of flooring is the most popular as it has the widest range of colours. This colour range has been carefully selected so no matter if you have a modern style home, country style home or a architectural designed home, you are sure to find a colour and style to suit your needs. 
Most of our Classic Range of floorboards have a 4mm top layer of the best European Oak with the exception of our French White which has a 4mm top layer of Chinese Maple.  
Our Classic range of floorboards are made up of a three layer construction with the top 4mm being European Oak or Chinese Maple and two layers of cross directional plywood, with the total height being 15mm 
The Endeavour Range
Our Endeavour Range of flooring is made from recycled oak for the top layer and bonded onto cross directional ply-wood for the base, it comes in three colours and a raw board, as this flooring is made from recycled oak some of the floorboards could be well over 250 years old.
Although all three boards are constructed from Recycled European Oak they all have a very different look and feel. If your after something just a little different, yet stunning and unique then this range for you.


What is an Engineered Floor Board you ask?
Engineered wood flooring is composed of two or more layers of wood in the form of a plank. The top layer is the wood that is visible when the flooring is installed, and is adhered to multi-plywood layers of thinly cut hardwood and softwood plantation timbers, its placed and glued in multiple directions to increase the strength and stability of the top layer.
Engineered wood flooring is the most common type of wood flooring used globally.

Engineered wood flooring has many benefits over solid wood

1. They are a more stable floor, which means fewer failures than with solid floors (gapping, crowning and cupping).
2. They are wider and require no top nailing like solid boards, achievable because of a multi-plywood base.
3. Available in a range of pre-finished colours and treatments.
4. Almost no VOC emissions.
5. Faster installation time due to pre-finished product, which means lower installation costs.
6. Less waste than a solid timber floor, engineered floors usually factor 5% waste
    compared with 10% to 15% waste with a solid floor installation.
7. Can be used in conjunction with in-slab and other sub-floor heating systems. Contact Wild River Timber for full details   regarding in-slab heating and warrinties with in-slab heating.