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Maintenance Guide

Maintenance Guide For Wild River Timber Oiled Floors

In order to ensure long lasting satisfaction of your new Wild River Timber oil floor, it is important to correctly care for the floor starting immediately after installation. With the right care, the oiled floor will become increasingly easy to clean and more hard wearing over time.
Download General Maintenance: Click Here
Download How to Oil & Buff: Click Here

After-Installation Care
Although all wild River Timer floors come factory oiled, we do recommend one (1) coat of Object Oil and buff right after installation and before the floor is used. As a result of this the surface will then be more hardwearing and be easier to clean and maintain in the future. 

Normal Basic Cleaning
Normal cleaning to remove surface debris is accomplished using a soft broom or Foam type  cleaner (NO Micro-Fibre Cloths). To remove normal stains and non-loose dirt, the floor should be cleaned with our Wooden Floor Soap In order to achieve the best cleaning results.
Wooden Floor Soap has two functions: it cleans the floor and at the same time forms an invisible, protective film on the surface of the floor making it even more resistant to damage from dirt NOTE: Do not go back over with clean water.

Cleaning Extremely Dirty Floors
If the floor has been neglected and/or becomes very dirty, it should be cleaned using Wooden Floor soap, immediately after cleaning with The Wooden Floor Soap, the floor should then be re oiled (Object Oil) and buffed. 


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